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Due to administrator, Lolita Haze moving to Las Vegas, NV, this site for Wisconsin Burlesque is closed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Welcome to Wisconsin Burlesque! Here you will learn all about Wisconsin based performers as well as keep up with the latest shows all around our beautiful State of Wisconsin! Take a look the photos in the Photo Gallery as well as Videos as they are posted. We hope that you enjoy your stay and please SUPPORT LOCAL ARTS & LIVE PERFORMANCES!! Thank you!


We here at Wisconsin Burlesque are currently looking for Sponsors. Please contact us for more information.

Lolita Haze



Bio: Lolita Haze: The Nymphet of Burlesque. Lolita Haze: The Vintage Starlet. However you know me one thing is for sure - I am a hussy and I love it!

I lived in Phoenix, AZ with the 2 main men in my life, my shiba inus, Bonzai and Samurai, but now the 3 of us find ourselves back in my birth city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. I dig the lindy hop and have a fetish for police officers. Dressing vintage is pretty much a daily thing for me and so is candy. Most importantly, I like to be nekked and I like to get nekked for strangers.

I think my friend Jill put it best when she said, "You were born naked. Grew up. Got naked again."

I sound like a good time, don't I? Well, hah! I've got you fooled! I look forward to bringing true classical Burlesque to Wisconsin!

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